INdividualized Therapy FOr Relapsed Malignancies in Childhood (INFORM)

Children and adolescents diagnosed with malignant tumor diseases can now be cured in around 80 percent with modern treatments. Still, around 20 percent remain who will suffer from a tumor relapse with a very poor prognosis.

INFORM (INdividualized Therapy FOr Relapsed Malignancies in Childhood) takes on the challenge of offering these patients a second chance. It is the largest transnational genome sequencing program for children with cancer in Europe, making it possible to identify molecular targets that may open up new treatment options. Since 2015, many children and adolescents have been either included in clinical trials after having their genome decoded in INFORM, or have been given so-called off-label treatment under controlled conditions with drugs that were originally approved for adults. Up to now, more than 1,800 patients have been included in the INFORM registry. The results of INFORM are also used to develop innovative phase I/II studies such as the INFORM2 trial series.

The KiTZ team lead the INFORM project in collaboration with the German Pediatric Oncology/Hematology Group. More than 100 centers from 12 European countries regularly send their patients’ tumor samples to Heidelberg. Here, scientists from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and doctors from Heidelberg University Hospital assess the importance of the molecular changes and search for suitable matching studies and treatments.

In the context of the ITCC, the INFORM team is networked with other European precision medicine programmes in France (Mappyacts), the Netherlands (iTHER), the UK (SM-PAEDS) and Denmark.

If you have further questions concerning the INFORM registry study, please contact: INFORM_info(at)

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