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Pediatric Targeted Therapy 2.0 (PTT 2.0) V2.0

The PTT2.0 study is a registry study that can enroll patients who cannot participate in the INFORM study because of the strict inclusion criteria.

Often, for example, only paraffin embedded, instead of freshly frozen, tumor material is available, as required for the INFORM study.

These patients may be included in the PTT2.0 study. The aim of the study is to specifically identify molecular targets for drug treatment in the tumors.

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Inclusion in PTT2.0 is possible for patients (up to the age of 22 years) with recurrent or progressive brain tumors, sarcomas or peripheral tumors of the nervous system.

"Pediatric Targeted Therapy" identifies drug-susceptible molecular alterations in tumors. Since many tumor cells often have several tumor-supporting changes at the same time, a combination strategy of targeted therapeutic approaches seems futuristic. For this purpose, we examine the tissue and the blood of tumor patients on specific target structures, which can be specifically blocked in individual experiments. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Jonas Ecker (j.ecker[at]kitz-heidelberg.de).

Please send a completed request form along with a copy of the signed informed consent for PTT2.0 (see downloads in the left column). Please note that the costs for PTT2.0 analysis for submissions from abroad must be covered by the sending hospital/ institute or by the patient. The expected costs can be communicated on request.

Please also note the leaflet in the download area.