Our diagnostic platforms

Together, we have established so-called diagnostic platforms that allow for accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions, both in initial diagnosis and relapses.
Although today most brain tumors can be cured by surgery and chemotherapy (though often with severe, lengthy side effects), unfortunately, 20-25 percent of patients still relapse. For these patients established treatment options are usually not available. To change that, we have introduced a nationwide program to help us detect new molecular targets in cancer patients.

Here you can find an overview of the diagnostic options (bilingual version) helping to identify the right program for your case and to initiate the necessary steps for the inclusion in one of the studies. Inclusion should always be done by the treating physicians. Details can be found in the tabular list of programs.



  • INFORM-Study  (Individualized therapy for relapses of malignant tumors in children)
  • PTT 2.0 Study for targeted pediatric therapy
  • MNP 2.0 Study for diagnosis at first appearance of a brain tumor in childhood and adolescence
  • FET-PET 2010 in the follow-up assessment of brain tumors in childhood and adolescence