Molecular Neuropathology 2.0 (MNP 2.0)

The aim of the current Germany-wide study "Molecular Neuropathology 2.0" is to improve the diagnostic accuracy in pediatric neurooncology by using molecular analysis methods. We provide these analyzes for both known and experimental diagnostic markers to address the needs of our clinical partners. A variety of analyzes are conducted and developed in close collaboration with the Pediatric Targeted Therapy program and the INFORM-Study. Beyond these studies, we are able to tailor our molecular diagnostic test procedures to the needs of other study protocols. All molecular analyzes are performed in close collaboration with the Clinical Cooperation Unit Neuropathology.

As part of the analyzes, we are carrying out a molecular tumor classification by means of DNA methylation analysis of the tumor tissue in parallel to the established reference pathological assessment. In addition, GenPanel sequencing can uncover changes in the tumor genome that may help to more accurately diagnose or identify therapeutic targets.

We provide the results of our examinations to the attending physicians, with difficult-to-classify cases being discussed in an interdisciplinary tumor board. In the meantime, about 80% of all children diagnosed with brain tumors in Germany are included in the MNP 2.0 study. Like INFORM, the MNP 2.0 study is currently being internationalized.

MNP 2.0 is funded by the German Childhood Cancer Foundation and runs in cooperation with the HIT network of the Society for Pediatric Hematology and Oncology.

The MNP2.0 study is open to all pediatric patients diagnosed and treated with brain tumors in Germany. To register, please send a completed registration and submission form after signing the respective declaration of consent (see below) to the Brain Tumor Reference Center in Bonn. When including patients, please refer to our information leaflet with information on study logistics for staff participating clinics. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Dominik Sturm (via mnp(at)