Treatment of sarcomas

Sarcomas are malignant tumors which emanate from either bones or soft tissue (e.g. connective, muscle, or fat tissue). They account for 11 percent of child cancer types. Sarcomas can occur at various points of the body and grow for extended periods of time without exhibiting any symptoms. Quite often, they are only noticed when neighboring tissue or organs are pushed aside, causing pain and/or having already formed metastases in other organs. Sarcomas in bones such as the Ewing-sarcoma or the Osteosarcoma often form at a young age.

For many years our doctors have been working on therapies for sarcomas.The majority of affected children or teenagers have a good chance of recovery, thanks to a well-balanced medical, orthopedic-surgical, and occasionally radiooncological treatment.

For certain types of osteosarcomas (also known as bone cancer) where a full removal of the tumor is not possible, we offer a new treatment method in collaboration with the Radiooncological Clinic in the Kinder-HIT that utilizes protons and heavy carbon ions (OSCAR).

Two groups from the KiTZ are working on Osteosarcoma (Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Kulozik) and Soft-tissue sarcoma (Dr. Ana Banito).

Consultation "Sarcomas"

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