The Everest Centre for Low-grade Paediatric Brain Tumours

The EVEREST Center team

Low-grade brain tumours make up the largest group of tumours of the central nervous system in children, accounting for about half of all brain tumors in under-18s. In Germany and the UK combined, more than 400 children and adolescents are diagnosed every year. These tumours are caused by changes in the DNA that lead to uncontrolled growth of cells in the brain or spinal cord. The term ‘low-grade’ indicates that the tumours are relatively slow-growing, and the risk of their spreading to other parts of the body is low. Given their location, however, these tumours can still be very difficult to treat, with children often suffering life-long health problems as a result of their disease and/or from side-effects of the treatment.

At the new Everest Centre for Low-Grade Paediatric Brain Tumours, launched in Summer 2017, research groups from Heidelberg (KiTZ and DKFZ), Berlin and London are aiming to dramatically improve our understanding of the biology of low-grade childhood brain tumours, with the long-term goal of being able to develop new treatment approaches. The Brain Tumour Charity, based in the UK, is supporting the project together with almost 6 million Euros (£5mio) of funding from supporters of the Everest in the Alps team.

The Everest Centre got its name from this extraordinary fundraising campaign, through which the family and friends of Toby (a low-grade glioma patient) want to raise awareness and promote research for this disease, based on the personal experiences of his exhausting journey. In 2015, 2018 and again in 2019, a group of ski-tourers traversed the alps over four days until they had covered an elevation gain equivalent to the height of Mt Everest (8,848m) – a grueling physical (and mental!) challenge. You can read more about their efforts here. So far, their efforts have raised over £4 million for The Brain Tumour Charity - THANK YOU!!


The Everest Principal Investigators:

David T.W. Jones (KiTZ & DKFZ Heidelberg)
Stefan M. Pfister (KiTZ, DKFZ & University Hospital Heidelberg)
Olaf Witt (KiTZ, DKFZ & University Hospital Heidelberg)
David Capper (DKTK & Charité Berlin)
Denise Sheer (Blizard Institute, Queen Mary’s, University of London)
Tom Jacques (University College London/Great Ormond Street Hospital Institute of Child Health)
J-P Martinez-Barbera (University College London/Great Ormond Street Hospital Institute of Child Health)
Darren Hargrave (University College London/Great Ormond Street Hospital Institute of Child Health)


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cakes of the big bake challenge
We have participated in the Big Bake Challenge 2021 at our monthly seminar series and raised oodles of dough for ‘The Brain Tumor Charity’ to help fight brain cancer. Our EVEREST community created very extraordinary cakes for our special seminar.
The EVEREST Centre for Low-Grade Paediatric Brain Tumour Research, Everest Newsletter Spring 2021
DFCI-Everest LGG Symposium, January 2020, Ladenburg.
International LGG Consensus Meeting, January 2020, Ladenburg.
Members of the Brain Tumour Charity and the Sagarmatha Team (Everest in the Alps 2019 challenge) visited us in Heidelberg in June 2019.
We strongly support the “Everest in The Alps” challenge!
The Everest Centre Team meeting at the Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre and the Blizard Institute in London, UK (11.03.2019).
The Everest Centre Scientific Advisory Board Meeting, February 2018. From left-to-right, Everest Team unless otherwise noted: Michael Fisher (SAB member), David Jones, Stefan Pfister, Juliane Buhl, David Capper, Simone Schmidt, JP Martinez-Barbera, Nada Jabado (SAB member), Tom Jacques, Mark Kieran (SAB member), Tom Stone, Denise Sheer, Olaf Witt, Becky Birch (Brain Tumour Charity).

How tumour cell hibernation may affect the growth of low-grade brain tumours

Some of our most exciting findings to date are related to a cellular process called ‘oncogene-induced senescence’ (OIS). This is a mechanism in which some cells enter a dormant or hibernation state when they sense incorrect activation of a tumour-driving pathway, as a natural protective mechanism. We have known for some time that low-grade brain tumour cells often enter this dormant state, but not what might be controlling it or how it relates to overall tumour growth. We have now been able to show that chemicals released by the hibernating tumour cells are able to promote this state in their neighbours, and suppress tumour growth. Interestingly, we also saw that patients with high levels of this hibernation program in their tumour were less likely to experience a tumour recurrence – something which we now want to further test as part of an upcoming European clinical trial being led by us (the LOGGIC study). Finally, we found that a particular type of new drugs might be able to specifically kill these hibernating cells, which likely make up a large fraction of the cells in a typical low-grade brain tumour. This is important, because these dormant cells are often resistant to currently used chemotherapies, which typically kill only actively growing cells. We are now in the early stages of discussing how this could potentially be tested in a new Everest clinical trial concept.

A full list of scientific publications from our team members that have been financially supported through funding of the Everest Centre can be found at the bottom of this page.

In this video, MD student Maximilian Deng summarizes his latest work that was published in August 2020.
In this video, MD student Maximilian Deng gives us an update on some of the work he has been doing recently in the Jones lab.
In this video, we share with you the progress that has been done in 2019 by the Everest Team.


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