Nature collection on rare cancers

KiTZ scientists involved in several research articles

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©Nicole Schuster, DKFZ

The Nature magazine published a collection of rare cancers, the "Rare Cancer Collection". This project was launched at this year's AACR meeting in Atlanta.

The cancer editorial community of the Nature Research Journals has collated articles from various categories, including preclinical and translational work and clinical research on rare cancers. Several KiTZ scientists are represented with their projects in this collection.

Rare cancers in the EU are defined as cancers that affect less than 5 people per 10,000 people. Thus, virtually all childhood cancers are considered rare. The low number of patients poses a major challenge regarding developing new treatment concepts. That is why cooperation with scientists in research institutes and clinics worldwide are important – especially in pediatric oncology. This collection of research reports is a contribution to improve the understanding of rare cancers.

The collection can be found online at