Richtzenhain Award 2018 goes to KiTZ scientist Kristian Pajtler

Portrait Kristian Pajtler
Kristian Pajtler, Image source: Philipp Benjamin, KiTZ

On December 18 KiTZ scientist and pediatric oncologist Kristian Pajtler received the Richtzenhain Award 2018 for his outstanding contributions to the molecular characterization and classification of ependymomas.

In the department of pediatric neuro-oncology of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Pajtler researches the improvement of the diagnosis of these rare brain tumors. Professor Stefan Pfister, director of the preclinical program at the KiTZ and head of the department, made the laudatory speech.

"I am very happy about the award. It is a great recognition of our work on ependymomas, which focuses on the transfer of research results into potential clinical application. "so the laureate.

The award is donated by the Walther and Christine Richtzenhain Foundation and includes prize money of 10,000 euros. It was established by the couple Richtzenhain, physicians from Darmstadt, and promotes cancer research - according to the foundersā€˜ will.