Hopp Children's Cancer Center

Our ambassadors

Our ambassadors

Ambassadors are particularly close to the KiTZ and use their prominence to strengthen the concerns of the KiTZ in public. They commit themselves to bring joy to the young patients or to enable a special day that gives strength and courage to endure their severe illness. Ambassadors support the work of the KiTZ ideally and financially.

We are very grateful for this personal commitment!

Anja Kling

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Actress and voice actress.
KiTZ ambassador since 2016

"I got to know Stefan Pfister personally at the ZDF gala "Ein Herz für Kinder“ in 2014. Everything he told me about his plans for the Children's Tumor Center impressed me deeply. This committed project is very important to me.
To give new hope to children with cancer and their families, this is what KiTZ is all about. As a mother of two children, I do understand how important this hope is for the affected families."

Dr. Johannes Wimmer

Johannes Wimmer mit Hopps

TV doctor and NDR presenter,
KiTZ ambassador since 2021

"As a person affected, I have painfully experienced how important it is to develop new treatment options for children with cancer. Committing to the issue does not ease our pain. But I can do something for other affected families and perhaps even help to ensure that other families do not have to suffer the same as we and many others. "

Jonathan Tah

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Jonathan Tah,Football player in the national team,
KiTZ ambassador since 2019

"I know that I have a privileged life and for that I would like to give something in return. Children are our future. I am in a position, where I can give children something that gives them power to believe that they can do it."