Treatment of rare tumors

The term „rare tumors“ refers to forms of cancer which occur in children so rarely that there are no established standards of treatment and very often not even clinical studies. These include specific types of skin cancer, tumors in the ear, nose and throat area, colorectal cancer and tumors in the female genital.

In order to pool patient questions about rare tumors and facilitate communication between families and experts, the Society for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology (GPOH) has created the so-called STEP-registry, which systematically catalogues rare tumors. Via the INFORM-Diagnostic platform, the STEP-registry represents an intensive cooperation on the molecular diagnostics of these rare tumor types, as well as the often associated and more well-known cancer types.

In close cooperation with the GPOH, our physicians and researchers here at the KiTZ are constantly looking for new ways to treat rare types of tumor. They analyze the molecular structures in the tumor tissue of patients which could be targeted for medication therapy, and from that, develop new treatment approaches. Whenever it makes sense from a molecular biological standpoint and suitable clinical studies are available, children are integrated there. With that they receive access to medication which works according to a “key-lock” principle at a molecular target.

Consultation „Rare tumors“
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