Sarcomas are malignant tumors which originate either from the bone or from soft tissue (e.g. connective, muscle or fat tissue). They make up around 11 percent of childhood cancers. Sarcomas can appear in various parts of the body and can grow for a long time without symptoms. They often only become noticeable when they displace adjacent tissue or organs, causing discomfort and / or have already developed secondary tumors in other organs. Sarcomas of the bone such as Ewing's sarcoma or osteosarcoma occur frequently in childhood and adolescence.

Our doctors have been treating sarcomas for many years. Most affected children and adolescents have good chances of recovery thanks to well-coordinated drug and orthopedic-surgical and radio-oncological treatment.

Especially for the treatment of certain forms of osteosarcoma (also called bone cancer), in which a complete removal of the tumor is not possible, we offer - in collaboration with the Clinic for Radiation Oncology in Children's HIT - a new treatment method using protons and heavy carbon ions (OSCAR).

At the KiTZ, two working groups are researching osteosarcomas (Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Kulozik) and soft tissue sarcomas (Dr. Ana Banito).

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