The KiTZ Clinical Trial Unit

Our KiTZ Clinical Trial Unit (ZIPO) consists of a specialized multidisciplinary team providing innovative therapies for pediatric cancer patients for whom standard treatment has not been successful. The team enables these children and adolescents to gain access to new treatment options under well controlled clinical conditions. The KiTZ Clinical Trial Unit is headed by Prof. Olaf Witt.

Testing new therapeutic approaches in early clinical trials
The aim of the unit is to identify target structures for a personalized therapy with the most modern molecular diagnostic methods in prospective clinical studies. New phase I / II clinical trials will be developed (Translational Trial Group) and novel therapies tested. In addition to the treatment of young patients in clinical trials, the consultation and second opinion consultations with a focus on molecular diagnostics and target identification are also part of the scope of our team. The unit is one of few specialized early clinical trial units in pediatric oncology in Europe.

Well connected
We are closely connected to other pediatric oncology centers in the region: Together with twelve other centers, we have established a network for early clinical trials in order to promote access of patients to novel drugs and enhance recruitment of patients in Southwest Germany into early clinical trials (Forschungsverbund GPOH Südwest). In addition, the KiTZ Clinical Trial Unit is part of the ITCC (Innovative Therapy for Children with Cancer) network of early clinical trials in Europe and a designated phase I ITCC trial center. Our unit is recognized as an ITCC training center for early clinical trials. In collaboration with world renown pediatric oncology centers in the US (St. Jude und CONNECT), we are part of early clinical trial networks driving innovative approaches in pediatric (neuro)oncology.

Platzhalter Bild KiTZ

KiTZ Clinical Trial Unit (ZIPO)

Head: Prof. Dr. med. Olaf Witt
Deputy head: Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Pfister

Im Neuenheimer Feld 430
D-69120 Heidelberg

The ZIPO team from left to right:Prof. Dr. Olaf Witt (Head), Prof. Dr. Till Milde (senior physician), Prof. Dr. Stefan Pfister (deputy head), Rebecca Skoczylis (physician assistant), Dr. Cornelis van Tilburg (senior physician), Sabine Brokmeier (study nurse), Dr. Martina Nesper-Brock (projekt manager), Jasmin Nowy (study nurse) and PD Dr. Kristian Pajtler (senior physician). Not in the picture are Dr. Sebastian Stark (specialist) and Dr. Dominik Sturm (specialist).