Research on CNS and brain tumors

Several research groups at KiTZ are engaged in research on brain tumors and other tumors of the central nervous system (CNS). The research groups are part of the Department of Pediatric Neurooncology of the DKFZ (headed by Prof. S. Pfister), the Clinical Cooperation Unit "Pediatric Oncology" (headed by Prof. O. Witt) and the DKFZ division "Pediatric Glioma Research" (headed by Dr. David Jones).


JRG Developmental Origins

Dr. Lena M. Kutscher

Group Clinical bioinformatics

Dr. Supat Thongjuea

Group Translational genomics

Dr. Robert Autry

Div. Pediatric glioma research

Dr. David Jones

Group Functional pediatric precision oncology

Dr. Ina Oehme

Group Preclinical research

Prof. Dr. Marcel Kool

Group Translational brain tumor modeling

Prof. Dr. med. Till Milde

Group Early cancer diagnostics

Prof. Dr. med. Kristian Pajtler

Group Preclinical modeling

Dr. Marc Zuckermann

JRG Pediatric Immuno-Oncology

Dr. Dr. Franziska Blaeschke

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