When helping becomes easy

With your donation, you can make everyday life easier for patients and their families on the pediatric oncology and haematology ward at KiTZ and support family-friendly care.

Help simply and directly to improve the everyday lives of affected families on the ward: Your donation will enable us to provide first-class equipment in the rooms at KiTZ with a special focus on the needs of children and adolescents, as well as continuous investment in the latest medical technology for the benefit of our patients. With your support, we can offer families additional services to make their stay at the clinic more pleasant, such as ensuring a friendly atmosphere on the ward by enabling the purchase of the latest equipment and continuous upgrading of the rooms, as well as the employment of additional staff who dedicate themselves wholeheartedly and a lot of time to the young patients.


Spendenkonto “Einfach helfen”

Recipient: KiTZ
Bank institute: Sparkasse Heidelberg
IBAN: DE39 6725 0020 0009 3471 00
Purpose: Einfach helfen / Helping made easy

If we are allowed to issue you with a donation receipt, please include your full address in the reference field of your bank transfer. Donation receipts are issued in accordance with the German model.