Treatment of hereditary cancers

About 10 percent of all children and adolescents with cancer are affected by a genetic disorder that is associated with an increased risk of cancer. A team of scientists and pediatric oncologists at KiTZ has set itself the task of better studying these so-called cancer predisposition syndromes (KPS) in order to derive new treatment procedures for the affected children..

Because KPS are rare, the close exchange of information and experience with other centers is particularly important.

Cancer predisposition syndromes: KiTZ is FIT site Heidelberg

KiTZ is a FIT site in Heidelberg and thus works closely with the pediatric oncology department of the Hannover Medical School (MHH), where the headquarters of the registy for patients with cancer predisposition syndromes is also located.

"Aktion FIT" (Research - Information - Therapy) is an initiative of the Hannover Medical School to provide information and education on the topic of "childhood cancer predisposition syndromes". Together we address cancer epidemiological questions and assemble samples from people with cancer predisposition syndromes in order to improve the therapy and prognosis of these patients in the long term. Patient samples are stored at the Hannover Unified Biobank.

For more information on Cancer Predisposition Syndromes: Research - Information - Therapy, please visit the joint websites of KiTZ and MHH.

Responsible physicians at KiTZ:
Prof. Dr. Stefan Pfister
Dr. med. Kristian Pajtler
Prof. Dr. Till Milde

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