The beginning of a unique European alliance

According to the WHO, over 16,000 children and adolescents in Europe are diagnosed with cancer every year. Around a quarter of them cannot be cured by the standard therapies currently available and do not survive the disease. This makes cancer the most common cause of disease-related death in children and adolescents and has recently been identified by the EU Parliament as one of the most important social challenges in the European healthcare system.

The KiTZ in Heidelberg and the Prinses Máxima Centrum in Utrecht are both regarded as two of the most important pediatric oncology research facilities in Europe, combining research and treatment under one roof in line with the American model (Comprehensive Cancer Center) in order to develop better diagnosis and treatment options for children with cancer.


In July 2021, the two centers established a cooperation for strategic collaboration under the patronage of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands: the KiTZ-Máxima Twinning Program. The alliance aims to create better framework conditions for European pediatric oncology as quickly as possible so that young patients can benefit from modern therapeutic and diagnostic approaches throughout Europe. It forms the basis for a European alliance for a childhood without cancer and is intended to be the starting point for expanding the partnership to other centers of excellence throughout Europe.

The KiTZ Máxima Research Fund

To achieve this goal, ambitious projects within the alliance will be financed by a joint research fund in which companies, foundations and private individuals can invest. Funding is provided for outstanding projects that are only made possible by the expertise of both centers. Thanks to the tremendous commitment of private donors, the fund has been able to launch a total of 21 research projects with seat funding over the past two years, with a total funding amount of 3 million euros.

Your support of the KiTZ Máxima Research Fund not only doubles the impact of your donation, it multiplies it. By merging KiTZ with the largest pediatric oncology center in Europe, the Princes Máxima Centrum, we create synergy effects to help children suffering from cancer even better and even faster.

If you would like to invest in the KiTZ Máxima Research Fund and give pediatric oncology a boost at European level, we would be delighted to receive your donation!


Donation account “KiTZ Máxima Research Fund”:

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Purpose: European alliance for children with cancer

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