KiTZ-Máxima Twinning Program

The KiTZ-Máxima Twinning Program is a strategic alliance of two leading pediatric cancer centers: the Hopp Children's Cancer Center (KiTZ) in Heidelberg and the Prinses Máxima Centrum (Máxima) in Utrecht. The Máxima is the national pediatric tumor center of the Netherlands and, as the largest pediatric oncology center in Europe, an important partner.

The program aims to lay the foundations for sustainable European collaboration for a childhood without cancer. To this end, the two centers of excellence are joining forces to advance pediatric cancer research more quickly and efficiently. In concrete terms, joint infrastructure and research projects are currently being funded, as are joint clinical studies, cancer registries and continuing education formats. The program thus accelerates European and worldwide access to molecular tumor analyses and multidisciplinary studies, thus opening up new, tailored therapy options for patients across borders.



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KiTZ-Máxima Twinning Program

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