Give flowers. Spread hope.

With the donation campaign “Give flowers. Spread hope.” KiTZ, together with all participating florists throughout Germany, is drawing attention to the situation of children with cancer and the urgently needed research in pediatric oncology and collecting donations to help in these areas. Participating florists throughout Germany sell flowers and plants #foraChildhoodWithoutCancer during the campaign period. For every flower or plant sold with the campaign label, a donation is made to KiTZ.

The campaign was launched in 2021 and since, has become an annual tradition, reoccuring each year in spring. As of now, only florists in Germany participate in this campaign. Therefore, the map with the participating flower shops and other further information can only be found on the German campaign page. However, if you would like to support KiTZ and it's work and the next florist is just a bit too far from you, you can still donate: chose one of our donation projects to support or give your support to where it is most needed by filling out our donation form. 

We would like to thank everyone who supports the campaign to raise awareness for the situation of affected families and the urgent need for research in pediatric oncology and to collect donations to help in these areas. Thank you very much!


The donation campaign "Give flowers. Spread hope." #ForAChildhoodWithoutCancer uses flowers as an image of vitality and hope. It draws attention to the fight against cancer that sick children and their families fight every day and the urgently needed research in pediatric oncology.

Facts on childhood cancer:

  • Around 2000 children and adolescents are newly diagnosed with cancer every year in Germany.
  • One in five children does not survive the disease.

Children with cancer need our support:

  • For 30 years, the chances of a cure for children with cancer have not improved significantly, as there are still too few treatment options for children with cancer.
  • In the last 30 years, fewer than 20 new cancer drugs have been approved specifically for children.

That is why KiTZ exists:

  • KiTZ brings together basic research, clinical research and patient care.
  • KiTZ conducts targeted research regarding combating cancer in children.
  • Research successes are brought to young patients via clinical studies.
  • This improves the diagnosis and treatment options for affected children and adolescents.

The aim of KiTZ is to improve the chances of curing children with cancer through intensive research and to open up new, life-saving therapies for patients for whom no treatment options have been available to date.

This year, the flower campaign “Give Flowers. Spread Hope.” takes place from April 15 to May 12. To learn everything that is happening before, during, and after the campaign, you can follow the campaign's instagram channel.